2 Mawar

Fridays are always being anticipated as I can say "Thank God It's Friday!" joyfully. But it is also a day which I very much dread. On Fridays I have 5 teaching periods out of 6 periods altogether. And the extra period left often does not permit me to rest, enjoy a meal or at least have some time to myself. Relief classes will hunt me and I am bogged down with 'stuffs'. And worst, the last 2 periods with 2 Mawar which never fails to make me shudder

Today was no exception. There was a never a day with 2 Mawar that I can really teach peacefully and never once that I did not lose my temper. 2 Mawar has got to be the most testing bunch of kids I have ever encountered. They shout, shriek, and scream to each other. The girls outdo the boys as they are more violent so to speak. They hit the boys, they say vulgar words, and well, they scream very much. Bottles and chalks will suddenly be flying in the air while I am faced to the blackboard. In fact, so many things can take place within the 5 seconds that I have my back facing them. 2 Mawar scares me beyond everything. They are undoubtedly very hard to handle. I get traumatized everytime it's 2 Mawar that I'm heading to.

I once had my tears streaming down my face while I was in class. I simply couldn't take it anymore. That was the only time when 2 Mawar behaved. But it was only for 10 minutes. At least it was something. That incident helped a bit because whenever I am silent and I give them that look, one voice will say "Wey diam laaaaa. Nanti teacher nangis lagiii...!!!" Hah!

But 2 Mawar definitely colour my days. They make my teaching life more eventful. At least I have something to remember and something to talk about with my parents whenever we sit for dinner.

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The Writer
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