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Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

Had the time of my life at this year's Big Bad Wolf Sale.

I will never give up reading.

Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.
Henry Ward Beecher

first tetanus shot

I received my first tetanus shot 2 days back during my check-up. As I am now entering my 31st week, it is about time I am jabbed.

So why do pregnant ladies need to be jabbed with tetanus vaccine? Throughout your first pregnancy, you will be given two shots, both during your third trimester. From what I have read, this vaccine is for your body to produce antibodies that will help to protect you from any possibilities due to bleeding after you have given birth. So, it is a preventive measure to avoid something bad from happening to you and your baby. This vaccine will not affect or hurt the baby in the womb in any way as the vaccine do not go through the placenta.

As I don't have a faint heart or anything against needles, I was fine. The doctor did mention that it was going to hurt, but personally, it was not that bad. Well, not until that night. My arm became sore and a touch at the injected spot seem to hurt. I could still put up my arm but without a feel of pain. My husband said not to worry much as it is normal to feel that way after an injection.

That night when I was awaken from my sleep, I felt a tingling sensation on my left arm and my palm and fingers were cramped. I let out a small cry and I told my husband about it. He said I might have slept on my left side, thus the pain. I tried moving my fingers to ease the pain and cramp, and it subsided after a while.

It has been three days. The pain is still there and my upper arm is starting to swell a bit. I would wake up from sleep with a cramped arm and fingers. I got worried so I googled about tetanus shot and its side effects. Turns out, I am not alone. Every pregnant lady experiences what I am experiencing and it is normal. This vaccine affects your nerve system and its flow so it is normal to experience the cramps. Pheww!

It takes approximately one week for the pain to ease. I am lucky because I don't nauseate, my hands are not shaking and I don't feel like blacking out anytime. It is suggested that if the pain still prevails, I should dab the injection spot with a warm towel - just to decrease the swelling. So hopefully, the pain will subside soon.

Anyway, that meeting with the doctor was my last at the clinic as I will continue my upcoming check-ups at the hospital that we have chosen for me to deliver, that is Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC) at Shah Alam. We have been referred and alhamdulillah, for our next appointment we got the O&G that we wanted!

As for the baby, alhamdulillah, he is doing absolutely great. He has grown and he now weighs at 1.8 kg already! He was only 720g the last time we checked. His position is excellent, my water in the womb is sufficient, and my placenta is in place. I gained 3kg this time, a kilo extra but doctor said it is fine :) As of now, I weigh 62kg (erk!).

So, hopefully everything goes well. Can't wait for the appointment this coming Monday!

family addition

Another two of my cousin sisters tied the knot recently. Their events were held weeks subsequently, which explained why my weekends were full for the past 2 weeks.

It's amazing to see how everyone has grown when I could still remember the times when we would run around shirtless back at our kampung and all we cared about was who got more 'buah kopi'. Ahh, the good 'ol times.

I managed to attend both their events, alhamdulillah. I have always loved the akad nikah scene so witnessing my cousins being officially knotted after the agreed 'SAH' formed a lump in my throat. Such sacred event, I must say.

Anyway, congratulations to both Ika and Kak Suzi! Wishing you a blissful marriage and may you be granted children in abundance! :)

Ika's solemnization and reception

Kak Suzi's solemnization and reception

Also, congratulations to Farizal (a family friend who is literally like family already) and Hafsah on their recent solemnization, which I missed. InsyaAllah I will make it to your reception this December!

(pictures taken by my brother)

More weddings to attend!


At this point of time, I feel so helpless. I am normally an active person but pregnancy has made me feel like an old lady with aches of all kind. Not complaining, no, but there are times when everything is just so overwhelming that I can't help but grumble a bit. The changes, especially now that I am nearing the end of the lap, are taking its toll on my body. But which pregnant lady has not gone through this?


It saddens me that I even bear such attitude. Throughout my pregnancy, I admit I do grumble, less realising that I should bear such difficulties patiently and calmly as I insyaAllah will be rewarded.

An extract taken from Upbringing of Children by Moulana Moosa ibn Ahmad Olgar :

After sometime has elapsed, the couple desire that Allah Taa'la bless them with a child and thus through marital consummation Allah Taa'la grants their wish. The first stage that follows is that of pregnancy. A person should not be ashamed of being pregnant or treat it as a big burden, as there are many virtues and rewards for being pregnant.

As I have 2 more months to go, I am starting to feel a little sad knowing that I will miss this bump. Most of all, I wonder if I have done enough for this baby while he is still in the womb (as Islamic Education starts right there) before he sees the world. The thoughts that I carry, the feelings that I have, the kinds of books that I read, the things that I see and eat, the company that I have and the things that I hear; they all have an effect to the baby. This is because the mother's nervous system is affecting all the systems of the baby.

O Allah, thank you for such precious gift..

I pray to you Allah that I will remain calm and happy throughout the remaining pregnancy..

I pray that I always generate good and positive thoughts..

I pray that my baby and I will be protected from calamities...

That I don't hold grudges, not to be unduly worried about something and not to be overtaken by grief..

I pray to you Allah that I will have a smooth labour and everything will be eased..


for you

To my beloved husband,

THANK YOU for always being there,

Though I know you are tired beyond compare,

Thank you for the hugs, assurance and gentle touch,

In times when I totally need such,

Two more months to go,

When our family will grow,

Together hand in hand,

We will be brave this life's chance.

I love you :)

pretty weary

I have been very tired of late. I think I am not getting the rest that I very much needed. That's because partly, I don't give myself a chance to. You see, I have been on the go for like almost everyday AND every weekend.

There are just so many things to settle in school (like people don't know already) and we have been attending wedding invites and all sorts of events every weekend. No time to slot for anything else man! I am too tired to even worry about my weight gain so far. By the end of the day, I am absolutely knackered that I don't even care that my snoring seems to fascinate my husband. I mean, that's normal for a pregnant lady ok. It's even stated in THE book.

Physically, I am now bigger and I pretty much slow down on everything. I am at my 30th week and it is just a matter of time until the baby pops out, insyaAllah!

On top if it all, I can't wait for the school holidays to commence.


September and October happenings

I attended many special events last month and (especially) this month. There are more to come for the remaining October and even more come November! Thought of sharing so let the photos do the talking :)

24th September - Durra & Muzzammil's reception

Another dear friend of mine, who is also my ex-housemate, and university mate, took the next step in her life. She was officially knotted on the 23rd of September with her beau, Muzzammil. Gorgeous bride, she was. Thumbs up for the food and I absolutely love the whole deco. Lovely! Congratulations Durra! All the best in leading your new life :)

(l-r)married, married, the celebrated couple, will be married, married, will be married :)

1st October - Ammar's 1st birthday celebration/kenduri kesyukuran

It was my cousin's son birthday so they held a kenduri kesyukuran to celebrate his 1st year. Had a great time there. The food was just amazing. Can't get enough of the Laksam. And Ammar Fayyad, may you grow to be an obedient and wonderful son to both your ummi and walid :)

(pictures courtesy of Nana)

2nd October - Ina's parents' kenduri kesyukuran

A kenduri held in conjunction with Ina's parents' departure to the Holy Land, Mecca.

(picture courtesy of Hidah)

8th October - Eda & Ariff's reception

Eda is the one who took pictures of my engagement, pre-wedding, and my solemnization. Now, she is finally married! Couldn't be more happier. Food was G-R-E-A-T and the whole wedding was beautiful! You looked gorgeous, dear! Have a fantastic honeymoon in Maldives!

8th October - Birthday BBQ

Nazliah and her family held a Birthday BBQ to celebrate the birthdays of hers and her husband. This laid back event was held at her parents' backyard. It was a simple gathering for us homies and families and also to celebrate the end of her confinement after giving birth to her second child :)

Our parents are friends since Nazliah and I first met in primary so my whole family was there too. Loved the food, the desserts and the company! Too bad I suffered from an ear pain (it was suddenly clogged and I was slightly hearing impaired that night) so I couldn't really enjoy the night as my head was really dizzy and felt like exploding anytime. I even left early with my husband. Nevertheless, it was a joyous occasion for all of us. We should do this more often! :)


Nazliah with my husband, my siblings and her sister

The delicious rainbow cake which I didn't get to taste. And I made the fruit salad! :)

(pictures by Nazliah)

Looking forward to more special occasions and events this month!


I have always known what to name my children. Before we were married, my husband and I have talked about this a couple of times and we sort of agreed to a few names. Suffice to say, we are still sticking to the same decided ones before.

Ever since we found out the gender of our baby (we will be expecting a boy, insyaAllah!), we can never be happier. And we are very certain of our choice of name. To me, giving names is such a joy, just as parents are when they are blessed with a child.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
"On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud).

Therefore, one of our first duties towards our child besides giving care and love is to give them good, meaningful names.

I have a liking for traditional, historical Arabic names. To me, they are simple not to mention meaningful, too. So yes, our children will be named as such. Though we have already decided on a few, we still google the internet for other names just for fun. We would mix and match a few names and agree or disagree if they sound pleasant or not. It has become our favourite past time. Those names we came up with are special to us that we feel like naming our children with each one, but of course, I don't think a dozen of kids is what we plan on having!

Since we have a few as our favourites to choose from, I think we might have to draw lots. Better still, perform the Istikharah prayer.

Whatever it is the names that we (will) finally decide on, hopefully it will befit our child and his life, insyaAllah!

into the final round

I turned 26 yesterday. Alhamdulillah. I have always dreamed of reaching this age and looking at where I am right now, I can never be thankful to Him for all that He has showered upon me.

Yesterday, was not only special because it was my birthday but also because little peanut turned 7 months. MasyaAllah! How fast time flies. I can't believe I have surpassed both my first and second trimesters without much complications and in approximately 2 and a half months from now, our lives (my husband and I) are about to change! That thought has never failed to tingle my whole body with excitement as well as anxiety. Until the time comes, I pray that Allah will give me good health and strength to go through this final months smoothly.

I know I haven't been updating here as much especially on my pregnancy journey. For one, facing the laptop's screen is dizzying and I can only think of lying down all the time. Mostly, I have been preoccupied with my own personal Pregnancy Journal.

Ever since I started, it has been like my own baby. I am so engrossed with it right now! It is a book filled with personal pictures, ramblings, baby scans, poems etc. A friend suggested this idea and another friend actually bought the notebook for me. I love it because I get to experiment with the creative side of me and so far I can say that I am proud! This journal has recorded almost everything from the moment I knew I was pregnant, the first kick, my first MGTT and up until now. I hope to note down more of this incredible journey for the remaining months to come. I know it will be something very valuable to the both of us and also to the baby.

Can't wait for the next scan. I can't wait to meet you again, little peanut!

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The Writer
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