stylo mylo

This has got to be my favourite so far!

Love the colour combination (so far only Mylo caters to individual taste and colour preference) and how it has that forward and rear facing feature.

You know how much I love pram/ stroller that is bassinet-like, so Mylo definitely has my vote. However, looking at the price tag almost made my eyes bulged! It is RM3180 - ni pun dah best price and only for a few days.

Anyway, ours is more or less the same like Mylo. It's from Sweet Cherry, the SCR9 model. It is way way waayyy cheaper than Mylo.

This is actually a new one as Graco seems a little small and confining for Luqman. This is more spacious and Luqman can sleep with whatever style he wishes haha

Plus, it is easy to handle. The only complain would be the storage compartment which is quite small as compared to Graco. Now, we have to bring a smaller baby bag which can fit in there :)

Will get the seat pad for a more comfortable 'nest' :)

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My husband always brag about how his clients and strangers he met somewhere would react once being told of his marital status. He would come back home and start a conversation with me so nonchalantly that I sometimes feel like hitting him with a pillow (feel like ja, buat betul2 cannot, derhaka! Haha)

"Tadi ada client I ...."

Once he starts saying that, I knew that it's gotta be another of his kembang moment.


".... Terkejut bila I cakap I dah kahwin. He said I look so young. Bila cakap dah ada anak, lagi dia terkejut!"

What do I do? Buat terkejut sama.

"Yekee!" dalam hati macam tertanya-tanya if we are walking together, would people see me as more older-looking? Hurrmm.

When I was pregnant, I did have a self-esteem issue because of how huge I became and how I chose comfort over fashion. And that I felt like crying looking at our appearance because yes, my husband does look young as he has that boyish feature.

Anyway, a few days ago, I came back home happy and started a conversation with him.

"Tadi, dekat course tu ada cikgu cakap, 'You're married? I thought it was your boyfriend you were talking to over the phone'. Then ada another cikgu told her 'She even has a child tau!' pastu the three of them macam gasped. They said I look verrryyy (sengaja stress) young" hidung kembang kempis bercerita.

Before he could even replied, I continued :

"I told them I just got back from my maternity leave. Then that Chinese teacher cakap, waah no wonder, your skin's verrryy (sengaja stress lagi) nice lah. Nice complexion. You look verrry (for the umpteenth time, sengaja) young" And I smiled my sweetest smile.

Dalam hati, yes! We're now even Mr. Husband!

Husband's reaction?

"Elleehh, diorang tak tengok I lagi!"

Now where's the pillow?

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Public holidays

When I was younger, public holidays were much looked forward to, especially if they had to do with national celebrations e.g Merdeka Day, Pertabalan YDP Agong, Hari Tentera and what not. Together with my siblings, we would rise early from bed and sit infront of the telly to watch the live telecast.

However, the excitement fades as we grew older. Now, public holidays are still very much looked forward to, but for the sole purpose of relaxing and an excuse to have breakfast in bed and laze around a little longer.

Yesterday was no exception. Thank God Luqman decided not to wake us up early. So my husband and I did get our extra sleep before waking up to our baby's cries.

Then, together with my family, we headed to my mum's kampung, in Kanchong Darat Banting. It's been awhile since I went back for a visit and finally we managed to make plans and yesterday was the day. Plus, nenek has been asking a lot of Luqman. Kesian pulak.

A trip back to Banting always bring back good memories as I spent quite a portion of my childhood there. Though the surroundings have changed, the warmth and familiar feeling remain the same. Can't believe that the house which was built on stilts then changed to bricks is now aged more than half a century!

I am just glad that I still have a place I can call my kampung. And to top it all, I still have both mygrandparents around; who are granted long age and a prosperous life to have witnessed me got engaged, married and finally gave birth to a baby boy, adding on to their countless number of cicit! Alhamdulillah!

Onyang and cicit moment :)

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New vision

I finally got my eyes checked a few days ago after months of squinting and a slightly blurry vision. True enough, there was an increase of power. I did go to the optometrist when I was pregnant, but I was told to wait until I have given birth to really determine if there really is a change of power since it could be due to hormonal changes.

As for me, that isn't the case. The squinting continued even with my glasses on and I find it difficult to drive with a blurry vision. I instantly knew that I had to get them checked.

I also decided to get myself a pair of new glasses ( finally, an excuse! ) to replace the current one which I have had for almost 2 and a half years. And yesterday, I went to pick it up!

Waiting patiently :)

The cute and friendly amoi, back with my glasses

And, here I am with my new accessory :







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bounce baby bounce!

A week before I started work, we (my mum, sister and myself) went bouncer hunting as my husband was at work. The decision on getting Luqman his bouncer was mainly for the purpose of getting him to sleep since my mum dah tak larat nak dukung and dodoi Luqman for a longer time.

I've scouted for bouncers online, mainly Fisher Price's. They are all so adorable and beautiful but I don't want to overspend on just one babygear which Luqman might not use for long, so I have narrowed down to just one which I thought was nice, simple, and most importantly within our budget.

The above Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Space Swing & Seat was my option.

We first went to Toys R Us and made our way to the bouncer section. I was disappointed as the ones they offered were not the ones that I like. The one that I opted for was not even there. However, we tried putting Luqman on one :

As you can see from Luqman's expression, yes, he didn't like it. He cried right after we tested the bouncer and he even vomited. Why? The bouncer is too high and the spring of the legs is too tight. Meaning, you can't really bounce the seat unless you want your baby to be thrown out. You get what I mean? We tried the others too, but they're just not meant for Luqman's long limbs. They're too confined and you know he's uncomfortable in there.

Then, we went to Jusco, knowing that Mothercare would definitely be selling the same thing. Once there, my eyes sparkled as there were many other colourful and comfy-looking bouncers on display. After a discussion with my mum and the promoter, we decided to get Luqman this :

Luqman's one happy baby! This Sweet Cherry bouncer is definitely more spacious, not too confining of his body, and most importantly when being bounced it is just at the right height and the spring is not too tight. Kesimpulannya, selesalah Luqman! Plus, it's not too pricey - just a little above Rm100.

Plus, it has a lock so that the bouncer is positioned slightly higher so we can just put him in there and entertain him. So far, the bouncer does him and us justice :)

Look at him, ni pun dah muat-muat je. Babies grow so fast!


My boy;

MIL's out-of-this-world Chicken Rice;

and this superb Gintell massage chair;

definitely a perfect combo for a perfect Sunday!

Staying in for the weekend after such a hectic week. Lazing around is such a luxury these days.

So if you don't mind, I am just going to get myself a chair massage and then doze off. Again. Well, while Luqman's still asleep I better do so!

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PBS what??

It is my last day of the PBS course.

It's just too much to digest although in retrospect, it's not even that difficult to execute. I need to reorganize my brain as it is absolutely cluttered with all kinds of things-mainly school related.

So yes, this course which requires me to be out of school is something I am grateful for, though it adds on to the cluttering!

Couldn't find a suitable place to pump, so I have been pumping in my car during breaks! Heee, I love Freestyle!

4 more hours to go! *yawns*

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