Another family addition

Ever since we knew that we're expecting, we sort of nonchalantly decided that a helper is needed once the second baby comes out. This is to help my mum cope with taking care of her 2 grandchildren at the same time making sure the house is in order. Since we will be living on our own soon, we wouldn't mind an extra hand in the household.

The search for one was done. Called here and there, asked around for contacts, and almost gave up at one point because apparently it is just so difficult to secure one. Maids are in high demand if you don't already know. 

And then the nation was shakened by the unfortunate incident of that 4-month-old baby boy who was unforgivingly abused by his maid which angered us all. We questioned our decision there and then whether a maid is really necessary. It was again finally decided that yes, we need her. 

We constantly prayed hard that we will be granted one, especially now that my due is nearing. And alhamdulillah, He heard our prayers. My aunty delivered us the good news that a maid will be arriving at our doorstep soon (in fact too soon-she'll be here tomorrow!). Syukur. What a rezeki :)

While we are all relieved, we are also silently agreeing to the fact that it is going to be a bit awkward having a stranger in the house. We have never had a maid before so we don't know how to act as employers, especially giving orders. We definitely have a lot to learn and also to teach her. And we have to get used to the fact that she'll be tagging on most of the outings (well, at least for now).

For now, she will be staying at my parents' place until our house is ready. As her arrival is somewhat unexpectedly early, we are currently clearing the back room for her to reside and transporting some stuffs out to provide more space for her.

I personally am anxious and nervous to meet this new family addition. I really hope that she is trustworthy and dependable. Most importantly one who is a practising Muslim. As a single mum herself, I pray that she will have that motherly instinct and conscience in her.

Until tomorrow comes, we are keeping our reservations to ourselves. May Allah ease everything, amin!

the one for me

In times like these, when I am just so exhausted to even move my leg, I am so so thankful that he is my husband. Alhamdulillah!
What with baby no 2 coming soon, dealing with Luqman's changing phase , running here and there to ensure that our future abode is in good progress, dealing with my temperaments, waking up every night to tend to Luqman's crying and let me sleep soundly (and the list goes on and on); having him around is such a blessing. And to top it all, he has never complained (at least he doesn't show it; the sighs, the grunts and what not). 
I guess that is why we're compatible like that. He is everything I am not (well, mostly). I am just so touched by all the little things he's done to help and tolerate the pregnant me. Sometimes I feel really bad for letting my raging hormones take over but he understands. Normally, I'd be the one crying on his shoulders in the end and a comforting hug is all that matters to make everything okay again.
I know this is just a beginning for when baby no 2 pops, our whole lives are going to change 360degrees again. Like totally. With our new home, living on our own - I know I have the right person to depend on. InsyaAllah!
I Love You is not even enough to express my feelings to you. Thank you is common but from the bottom of my heart, I really am. 
Let's do this together, hand in hand.


I got a jolt yesterday realising that I am just a month's away from my delivery and I have prepared NOTHING for the baby! Yes, you heard me - nothing. 

I am so occupied with so many things that I barely have time to think about little girl (sorry honey!) and I feel really really bad. I do think of what to get, what to do, etc but they're all just mentally calculated and it's always "Oh, this can wait". I have this calm feeling that everything will be sorted out eventually but yesterday the realisation just hit home and I am now freaking out!

I told my husband and he's not even helping. Being the unexceptionally calm person he is, he just went "Well, don't you worry. We still have time". Right.

And time is something that flies by really quick.

I still have some sorting out to do from Luqman's baby rompers. You know, the ones which colours are not so gendered. I am sure little girl won't mind the hand-me-downs :) 

And, to overcome the empowering guilt, I bought this yesterday for little sunshine :







Apparently, this is the only one filling her wardrobe. For now. *tsk!*


Yesterday didn't turn out as we planned. We were supposed to go to Aquaria KLCC for our outing but had to forget about it once we reached there.The queue was crazy long! It was neverending. We should have known. It's the public holiday, yes, but I didn't expect it to be that packed. 

I was frustrated and upset because I really wanted Luqman to enjoy watching the sea creatures. I know he would love it and be fascinated with what he'd see. Plus, Luqman was being extra cranky (didn't want to sit in his stroller, throwing tantrums) yesterday so the trip to Aquaria was hoped to calm him down. Of course, God has better plans. It was not our rezeki and we will definitely come again some other day. 

So we quickly thought of Plan B. I mean, we didn't exactly come all the way here and not do something exciting, did we? Besides, we're up to a point where we're too tired to put up with little boy's crankiness which was really really testing *sigh*

Then I remembered a friend posted a picture of her son playing at I-Kids Club Isetan and off we rushed there. Such a life saver! *Thanks El!*

Paid RM15 and Luqman had the time of his life. We, on the other hand, just let him be. Had the best 30 minutes of rest *phewww!*

The play area isn't that big, but it was okay nonetheless. 

 Nothing beats seeing the joy on his face :)

Cloth frenzy

I am the type who would just buy ready made baju kurung for any occasion, especially Hari Raya. I can't even remember the last time I bought any cloth to be tailored. To me, it is such a hassle to search for the cloth, send it to be sewn, which if add everything together, can be quite costly.

I prefer to buy them. Plus, I am lucky because I seem to fit the sizes. And, there are just so many to choose (in fact too many) from; the material, designs, colours, that my life is made easier!

So when I was told that we're going to search for cloth and send it for tailoring for my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding, I was suddenly excited and a little dreadful for I know how it can be such a hassle; the choosing process - if you know what I mean.

One minute you're okay with that colour, and then you suddenly become indecisive and start looking for another one. Just when you're almost decided, another colour or design catches your eye and in the end, deciding on the material becomes so so difficult.
I am so relieved that my sis-in-law helped to ease everything. We went to Jakel a few days ago together with our MIL and searched for the decided material. I was in awe of the many kain there. Like seriously! Berapa kali je pun jejak kaki kat Jakel. And it was my first purchase there. Yang tak gila kain (like me) pun dah start to palpitate. I can only imagine those who are. Cloth frenzy!

So after almost 2 hours, we managed to get the cloth for us ladies, our husbands and kids alhamdulillah. I love the colour because I have never had any baju kurung in that. Pretty excited!


But first, I have exactly 3 weeks after my delivery to slim down so that I can (hopefully) fit the baju and look good for the wedding! Tsk! Good luck to me :)

Online fraud

My family would know that I don't answer unknown numbers. It is all because of this.

It's been almost 2 years now, and I gotta tell you, those numbers kept on calling from time to time - just to 'follow-up' and trying to con me into paying some more money so that I can so-called continue my insurance policy *roll eyes*

Yes, I still palpitate; I get really scared that I thrash my phone deeper into my handbag to ignore those disturbing calls. And of course, I am one angry lady at the end of the day. I just feel I shouldn't be bothered as such (or anyone who's experiencing a similar situation for that matter). Many times I would get my husband to answer them (he gets irritated with the never ending incoming calls) and let me tell you, these people can be really rude. Like persistent, persuasive rude which makes your heart boil.

Then one fateful day came. An sms came in, one from Maybank, thanking me for a transaction I did. I was absolutely alarmed and I was dumbfounded for a second because no, I did not just complete the aforementioned transaction. Earlier that day, I did one - a monthly routine - to clear my credit card's debts but that's nothing to worry. The latter got me really anxious.

I made calls to Maybank which were, more or less vain attempts. I was frustrated that I wasn't entertained and here I was at the other end of the line, furious and fidgety. I mean, hello, we're not talking about a few ringgits here. It's a few hundreds!

It was not until a few days ago that I managed to get through *phew!* And my case was reported as online fraud. So I was told that I will be getting a replacement and that my old cc will be terminated. And that I will get a refund of the charged fee from Maybank. Alhamdulillah. The best solution, I guess.

The first thing that came to mind was those 'irresponsible people' who kept on calling and I guess they are to be blamed. Apparently, there is now a syndicate (can I call it that?) where 'stubborn' and 'irresponsible' agents who would simply charge one's credit card's account for the insurance renewal policy fee without our consensus. Yes, they do that. And I guess I am one of the unlucky ones. It is saddening and of course frustrating. I get really upset whenever I think about this. I am still baffled at how could this happened. 

Friends and readers, please be wary of such calls. Do not entertain them. We have our rights and they do not have any rights to simply charge us for something that we do not want. Steer away from the conversation politely if you already are and hang up. Trust me, they will be very persistent you have no idea. Three times a curse, so I know. 

To anyone who's working in such company, I am sorry. You guys just lost my trust and respect. Once bitten, twice shy. In my case, thrice. 

May we all be avoided from such fraud in the future.


As weeks pass by and as my belly grows, I can't help but feel overwhelmed with everything.

May Allah eases everything for me, amin.

My precious two :)

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