Good Morning Teacher!

All my bags are packed. I am so nervous it's like I am reporting myself on my first day of posting.

It used to be just a handbag. Now, there are three!

Hoping for a smooth day tomorrow,insyaAllah!

It is now time to put on those heels,shoulders up and strut confidently into class.

I am back! :)

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3 months

Luqman turns 3 months old today! Alhamdulillah. Went to DEMC for his monthly check up and his second dose of the compulsary injection.

As usual, he had his laughs and enjoying his gurgles not knowing the surprise that awaited him :)

Needless to say, he cried real bad. Apparently his cries seem to be louder and more heartwrenching each time. Yelah,dah tau sakit. Meleleh2 air mata. Sedih tengok! He is also at that stage where he is starting to recognize other people besides us his parents. For the first time today,he almost cried when his paed checked him, which is never the case before.

Didn't get to snap a picture while in the room as I was too worried for Luqman - how he was going to react to the jab and all.

But he was okay right after.

According to Dr. Koshy, Luqman's paed, he is developing and progressing really well. His weight increases every month (alhamdulillah susu ibu!). We've always looked forward to see him because he is such a nice doctor. His explanation is very thorough and his confidence just makes us feel good having him as Luqman's paed.

Besides, my husband and I always anticipate his mantra everytime we visit him.

"Masih teruskan dengan susu badan? Bagus!"

If being asked of Luqman's condition that's bothering us, this is what he will always say :

"Tiada masalah dengan penyusuan? Tidak ganggu tidur? Jika tidak,jangan bimbang! Tak perlu buka pintu yang tak perlu dibuka!" followed by his signature laugh.

You gotta love this doctor man!

Anyway, Happy 3 months old baby boy! Ummi and ayah love you very much!

He fell asleep in the car after the jab :)

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All these while, we have been going to a tukang urut/confinement lady whenever we need a good refreshing massage. Nearing her 70s, she is strong for her age and I have always loved her strong grip. I managed to book her for my postnatal massage right after I delivered. However, I didn't get to complete the final massage towards the end of my confinement as she's busy with more demands of postnatal care all over.

I badly need a good massage as my body starts to ache and I need a proper closure.

Then I remember a message from a then DEMC homecare nurse informing me of her current job as a private homecare nurse who offers postnatal care. I decided to give her a call and give it a try.

I did not regret it at all!!

As I am very very satisfied with their (she is doing this with another lady who used to be a DEMC homecare nurse but has retired) service, I would like to promote them.

The 3M - Melawat Merawat Mengurut

I had them come over for two days ( today was the final day) to massage me and bertungku. Before they start, they will check your blood pressure and the massage that followed? It was so so good! And yes, dua dua sekali urut serentak. Ahhh, I felt like a princess. Urutan sedap, slow and lama. Almost 2 hours and I fell asleep while being massaged.

As they were nurses, you can ask all kinds of questions that's bothering you, anything related to postnatal care, and health. They have answers. Not to mention, they are very motherly and friendly so you won't feel shy or hesitant to share anything with them.

Besides postnatal care, they also offer baby care and as you can read from above low quality picture, rawatan luka pembedahan & luka pesakit kencing manis is also offered.

They cover Klang, Shah Alam and Subang areas. Should you live in areas not mentioned, try giving Kak Anita a call. An arrangement could be made.
If you feel like having just another massage (not necessarily only after you have given birth) you can contact them, too. I know I will!

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me time

I finally got the pampering I so badly needed a few days ago - pedicure!

The last time I had my mani-pedi session was when I was 8 months pregnant. I managed to steal a little time and headed to Nail Parlour for this pampering session and I have never felt good!

Now that Luqman's passed the bottle training, I can now go out a little while for some me time and to run some errands leaving him under the care of my mum.

I miss him during the time I was away. Had to put on hold my spa treatment, too, as that would mean a few hours being away from him! But I will definitely go for it one day - I need that rejuvenation!

Which reminds me, I will be away from him for approximately 7 hours starting next Thursday as that would be the day I start work!

Let's see if we both will get through this tsk!

Spending money

I don't think I have spent so much like I do right now. When I was pregnant, money was spent on getting maternity clothes and undergarment as I seemed to outgrow them every month. Then, it was all about getting ready the baby stuffs which,no matter how broke, you still want to get them for your baby - because baby stuffs are just too cute to resist.

Now, post-pregnancy, it's all about getting more (nursing and breastfeeding friendly) clothes and undergarments. Not to mention, every trip out money WILL definitely be spent on buying stuffs for Luqman - no matter how many times I vowed not to. Sometimes, without planning to pun. Tapi somehow ada je kedai baby, then I'd go: eh singgah kejap lah, then left the shop with a plastic bag in hand. To me, I don't mind buying or spending on my son to which my mom replied "Haa, now you understand how it feels kan?". It feels like every penny worth spending. Plus, when you see that your baby looks good, you instantly feel good too.

If Mothercare has a Most Frequent Customer in a Month, I will definitely be awarded.

Don't even get me started on online shopping. My neighbour must be wondering why is it that the Pos Laju and Courier vans seem to deliver to my house most of the days hehe

Oh well, some of the things that have changed.

on the same ground

I always complain of backache and that my neck hurts everytime my husband hugged me due to our difference in height. Especially now after I have given birth, every muscle, joint and bone seem to ache a little more.

This morning, he made me stand on this :

"Kan senang?" he said.

- -

Can't complain, can I?

here and there

Last weekend was quite eventful. It was fun going here and there with the little one (though exhausting) but the fact that hubby wasn't around made my heart dropped a little. He was away for his best friend's wedding in Malacca throughout the weekend so yes, independence was called for. But of course, I have my family to thank as they helped me handle Luqman, alhamdulillah.

On Saturday, I attended a dear friend's wedding in Cheras. I am so touched and grateful that ayah was willing to drive me there and the whole family tagged along. Despite the traffic jam that we had to endure for a whole hour leading to the venue, we made it just in time for me to meet the celebrated couple and other university friends.

The bride - Ana and the groom - Rusyaidi. Congratulations! At the far end, Dayah, who is going to be a mum soon!

Me and the to-be mums, insyaAllah :)

In the evening, we all had dinner at Tony Roma's just because we (my sister and I) felt like eating ribs. This time around we ordered moderately and we didn't over eat, alhamdulillah. I wished hubby was around since he loves Tony Roma's very much.

Luqman, on the other hand was a really good baby with his occasional crying. Biasalah kan baby. So we took turns attending him.

But mostly, we let him be because he has a current obsession -

- sucking his fingers! I can't even let him wear his mittens nowadays without them being soaked with his saliva. Sigh.

That night, we all went home with a full stomach and I went to bed wishing for Sunday evening to come fast.

On Sunday, we attended the aqiqah ceremony of my friend's daughter whose name I love so much - Khayra Latifa. Again, I asked my siblings to accompany me. My brother drove us there.

My chaperones. Tq! (My brother is home for the school holidays btw)

Loved the candy section (the fondant cake was so and the cradle. So lovely.

And the food was just superb. We loved the lamb and the desserts. I was reminded by my brother to eat moderately haha Luqman was behaving really really nice (yela, sempat dapat upah dalam kereta) and he only merengek when we were about to leave. Didn't get to snap a picture with dear Khayra as she was cranky too.

It was great to finally meet you Kay after a year, I guess? And your baby is so adorable!

We left after that to another wedding and then they dropped me and Luqman at my MIL's house and wait for hubby's return before we went home together.

So there, my weekend.

Fun. Tiring. But it was well-spent.

scary traffic encounter

We were at the traffic light in Shah Alam earlier today when I witnessed something, shall I say, scary.

When the lights went green, all cars were slowly starting to move. That's when a car started honking non-stop. I was annoyed because you know how impatient some drivers can be. Like can you wait for a second? It's been green for only 3 seconds for God sake!

That's when I saw what seemed to cause the never-ending honking. The car infront didn't budge. Hurmm, poor driver, I thought. Something's wrong with his car and his eardrums are about to burst.

As our car passed the immobile vehicle, I saw something which totally caught me by surprise.

The driver was unconscious!!

I'm telling you, you'd be downright deaf if the honking didn't put you to wake. And it's the way his head landed slightly forward to the side of his window tells me that he's not sleeping.

My heart beat really fast. As we were already a few metres ahead, I couldn't see what took place right after. The honking persisted, still. I wished the honker would at least see for himself what's happened.

I hope the driver is fine and that he's probably just too beat up to even bat an eyelid.

keyya keyya

I successfully made husband drive us (read : me) to the Keyya Keyya Bazaar which was held last weekend at Rasta TTDI. Just thought of supporting fellow homie who opened her Smashing Scarves booth there.

I was pretty excited to say the least :) But mostly, I can't wait to see what the bazaar has to offer.

Needless to say, I love the bazaar!! I felt like buying everything; the shawls, vintage clothing, cute and gorgeous accessories. I knew I could have spent hours there had I came alone haha The price is just too affordable :)

Anyway, this is Nazliah's booth.

We were greeted by her model sister, Kak Nad who was there at the booth as Nazliah went to a wedding. Too bad we didn't get to catch each other.

Thankfully, Luqman was soundly asleep or else :)

I had a difficult time choosing which scarf I wanted as all of them were so so beautiful! My husband raised an eye already when I said I feel like having all of them so I settled with just two. Haihh.

And yes, I love Smashing Scarves!

So what else did I get my hands on? Just another shawl from another booth. I literally had to close my eyes while passing all the other booths no matter how tempting because 1) I had a pocket to save tsk! and 2) we had to rush back as the gloomy weather approached.

I can't wait for the upcoming bazaar which Smashing Scarves also take part in. My sister has been pestering me to bring her along the next time :)

So, let us all visit Smashing Scarves' booth in the upcoming Bazaar oh Bazaar on the 1st of April at the same venue and feast your eyes on other interesting items too!

By the way, this is me donned in one of the Smashing Scarves bought :)

At a neighbour's wedding at MBSA's Banquet Hall - used to be our reception venue :)

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