a different kind of shopping

We went baby (window) shopping yesterday. We have started scouting for necessities now that I am 17 weeks pregnant. Well, let me just say that husband and myself were absolutely clueless as to what to get. We didn't even know where and how to begin with! We know the necessary stuffs but when there are just too many to choose from, a headache ensues. Let's not begin with the price. When you plan on having a baby, you are already venturing into a very expensive long-term investment. Not complaining, no. But it's like they always say, if you want the best you have to fork out more.

So, as I was saying, every item is not cheap. I was so shocked to discover that a basic breast pump set could cost up to a thousand ringgit! Of course, that comes with a good and established brand, but still, I didn't expect it to cost that much. Friends who are mummies keep on reminding me to invest on a good one, but I am still considering my options.

Then we moved on to strollers. We are planning on getting the 3in1 kind, in which the seat is portable. It can also be used as a car seat and a carry cot. Preferably reversible seat strollers for our convenience as I want the baby to face us when we push it. This is actually my favourite item so you could imagine how frustrated I was when we didn't find any that caught our eye. Some are just ridiculously pricey. It's okay, we still have more time to look for the perfect one. Hopefully we will get what we wished for.

Next, the baby cot. My sister-in-law suggested to get one that comes with a changing table. It will do you and the baby justice, she said. So we narrowed our search to that kind. Again, we didn't find any that look purchasable (because of its price and design). However, after seeing a changing table/cupboard being displayed, I am starting to consider its practicality. The below racks can be used for keeping all the baby necessities - pampers, lotions, oil, garments. So all the items would be kept nicely at one place and easy to get. With the attached wheels, I can easily wheel it anywhere I want and easy to store. And the price is not that expensive, too. That way, we can find a decent cot with a decent price. We have a few in mind, but like I said we are still considering our options.

So there. The main things which we aim to get for now. I am more keen on getting the pumps first because that's on top of the list. All the more reasons to look forward to this coming weekend for the Baby Expo. Can't wait!

p/s I now walk funny with a growing belly! ;)

The Y Generation

I don't know what seem to cause the silent commotion in my school, but every teacher I know has lost the drive these days. I have to admit, my school has gone from bad to worse - in terms of its discipline. It's like we are all on the edge, waiting for it to become even worst. Many of us just can't seem to be bothered because we have all tried our level best to combat this problem but to no avail. It's like they are out of control. And you know, a teacher can do as much but we all have our own baggage to carry.

The Y Generation. That's what we call them. The pampered lot, if you would like to call it. A generation that has transformed the way school nowadays work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't students supposed to adhere to the school? But now schools have to cater to the way students are, which I think is the root of all evil. I'm getting sick of my Superior repeatedly saying "Students are not to be blamed. We are". When I first stepped into this profession, yes, I hold on to that reminder like it's my life I'm depending it on. But after being in school for almost 3 years, I have seen and experienced enough to discard it. The reminder makes me smirk.

I'm so fed-up with students who are so rude. Even rude doesn't seem appropriate to describe their state of being. They scream at you, call you names, say vulgar words right to your face and threaten to kill you even. They tease you just to see your limits and they are just reluctant to study. This is what I call pure evil. Memang jahat sejahatnya. It's not the teacher's fault that they act the way do, it's because that's how they are. Parents don't seem to care much, all they know is attack the school back once they are being called. Don't bother to sympathize or empathize if you have been teaching a Grade A daily school or a boarding school. They are all God-sent, your students. Even so, they might pose a problem of other sort.

And because of that we have been concentrating so much on curbing the discipline that our academic gets affected. It's detrimental. We can't even rise as this discipline problem seems to be our main agenda every single day. However, students are not much better. It's worrying, yes, but they have drained the best of us that we couldn't be bothered. To me, it's like talking to an empty vessel. Istiqamah is the key, but I am so tired already. So, we resort to being silent. Why should we when our venting always backfire?

It's an ordeal, trying to change a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

The Writer

The Writer
I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher by profession. At times a pessimist and one who is easily amused. I find comfort once entering the threshold of my bedroom. I write because I want to and it makes me feel good :)