Luqman's allergy test

A few weeks back, my husband and I were alarmed by those red blotches that suddenly appeared on Luqman's skin. Having never to deal with such situation before, I, for the most part, was scared to death. To me, those blotches were just terrible and from the way Luqman's been scratching the spots, I can only imagine the itchiness felt. 

We didn't go to the clinic immediately. We took off his pyjamas, bathed him in cold water, patted him to dry and applied some virgin coconut oil all over his body before putting on his pyjamas back. The redness subsided within 30 minutes but from our monitoring that night, those blotches seemed to appear at some other spots on his skin. We had to be on the lookout throughout the night just so Luqman doesn't scratch himself. The next morning, his skin was clear, much to our relief. However, within the next few days, the redness came and went, but it wasn't as severe.

We were just clueless. It wasn't his eczema attacking because the symptoms weren't so. As much as I hate to admit it, I voiced it to my husband, that Luqman's skin is probably reacting due to some allergies. We did bring him to the clinic and showed the doctor the pictures we took of the redness (because there weren't any on his skin at that time), and both doctors confirmed that it is due to allergic. 

ALLERGIC. One word enough to make my heart dropped. Dealing with his eczema is already challenging enough, and now this? My husband was more positive on his outlook by saying that it is probably not that bad.

 So after our visit to his paediatrician, we decided to end the teka-teki and booked an appointment for a skin prick test to determine his allergy. Luckily for us, Luqman's paed is also an allergy expert who does research in that field. He was the one who suggested for Luqman to take the test.

So last Wednesday was the day.

I was all ready but at the same time nervous. Luqman was being his usual active self but I knew things will change once we are in the room. And I was right. At the call of our number and upon entering the paed's room, Luqman actually stopped and said no. To him, entering that room meant a 'gift' is on the way. Little did he know, he will be getting 16 pricks that day *tsskk!*

My husband carried him inside and he held onto him like it's his life he's holding on to. He refused to look at the doctor at all and as a mother, it was enough to shatter my emotion. 

 When we took of his shirt, his mouth started to shiver and his grip got stronger. 

Anyway, a little bit about this prick test. It is a test where 16 allergens will be applied on the back of the body. Prior to this test, no medicine especially flu and cough syrup to be consumed so as to validate the test. Once the allergens are applied, each one will be pricked so that the allergens can react to the body. Which ever allergens showed redness and the skin is elevated, that means one is allergic to that allergen. 

The back of Luqman was numbered so that the allergens will be easily identified. He didn't let go of his grip throughout the time.

I mean, who wouldn't right? His cries were just heart wrenching but they stopped once the doctor was done with the test. I have to say, our Luqman is one strong boy. He aced it even if his cries were just a show haha I guess it's the fear of having someone taking charge, not so much of the pain.

We had to wait for about 20 minutes after that to see the results. My heart drummed so loud I could literally feel my chest thumping. When the time finally arrived, as expected, Luqman refused to go into the room again haha This time, it was me he clanged onto. 

When the paed took a look at his back, he confirmed that yes, Luqman is indeed allergic to two things :

Who would have thought??? All these while we were pretty sure that he's allergic to dust mites.

My mind immediately transported to that time when the redness suddenly appeared. I didn't think I had consumed crab or peanut that day or the day prior that could have triggered his allergy, but such test won't lie doesn't it?

So there. Now that we know the cause, we know how to rectify the problem. Anything peanuts and coloured seafood are to be avoided by me (as long as I am still bf-ing him) and Luqman. The paed also mentioned that these allergens might have triggered his eczema, too. But because Luqman has sensitive skin, a minor bite can cause a terrible swelling and redness; papular urticaria (I have talked about his type of eczema before). However, his allergy is nothing too serious. Just a mild one but it is worth taken care of so as not to land him in a worse condition. We were also advised to do this test annually up until he is 6 years old just to check whether or not his allergy gets better or worse. 

For now, everything seems to be good. But the scorching hot weather these days kinda takes a toll on his skin. The heat causes him to sweat, and the sweat causes itchiness on certain parts of his skin that in turn makes him scratch and the end result is redness. Poor boy. We have to constantly apply moisturiser to lock the moisture on his skin so that the dryness can be avoided.

To those of you who think that your kid might be allergic or is constantly sick, down with flu and what not, I'd suggest you take this skin prick test. Your kid might be allergic to something. Even if he is not, there's nothing to lose if the test comes out negative. At least, you have one thing to be relieved about.

Of tests and rewards

It saddens me to know that most of my friends' kids are down with sickness - it's the season, they say. I certainly understand the despair felt, the constant worry that lingers, and that hopeful feeling everyday wishing they would recover immediately.

As the mother, one has to be in strong and good spirit to make sure that her kid(s) are doing okay at the same time getting all the support she needs from her other half. However, at times, the strength needs to be doubled and sometimes tripled when her husband is sick himself. Been there, done that. It was definitely a testing phase for me, having to care for my sick child and also attend to my husband who was down with fever at the same time. And I was during my confinement period, to add to that. I was, indeed in the brink of breaking. If it wasn't for my strength and Allah's mercy, I would have lost my sanity.

What I have learnt is that, just when you thought you don't have anyone around you to lean on, to have their support, we forget that Allah is always with us. He tests us because He wants us to rely on Him, and trust Him that he will make everything okay. 

And I also learnt that He is the best companion in times we need a shoulder to cry on, because in the end He is the one that we will eventually turn to. He doesn't judge and our pouring is best kept secret. 

Whenever I feel like everything is just too much too handle, when things are just too overwhelming, I instantly know that He is watching and He is actually assessing my reaction. This helps me to regain my composure and contain my feelings so as not to act compulsively which in turn will make me weep in regret.

Having small kids, is no doubt the best test of all. And they are our best teacher,  teaching us values and pushing us to give our best and be the best not just to their eyes, but also His.

I pray that all of us mums, will be granted that patience needed, the strength to carry on our amanah dutifully and always be the best that we can. 

Do it for our kids and do it for Him, insyaAllah.

Hang in there, friends because indeed, we are all on the road to collecting Jannah points and rewards, insyaAllah!


"The whole point of the week is the weekend"

My weekend kickstarted early. I was already on holiday since Thursday *yeayy!*

I can never begin to express how grateful I am for this long Chinese New Year break. It's the break that I have been looking forward to just because I can spend time with my little family in our occasional boredom activity hehe

We had no plans for a quick getaway either as we decided to just laze around and carpe diem. 

It's time like these that we have the time to really really spend in quality with our kids, without disruption and no obligations. 

It's time like these that snuggling in bed in the morning has never been better and that taking a shower can wait.

It's time like these that doing nothing is actually something, when you have your loved ones around you.

And it's time like these that is most crucial to remind you that yes, indeed, you are lucky to have such a priceless gift of all, a FAMILY.

Blissful :)

The Writer

The Writer
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