the first trimester

The 2 weeks holiday was very well-spent. If not, better. I had my necessary rest (I wish I had more time) and I think I did just that. What with my sickness taking quite a toll on me, I've never felt so good just lying around, watching tv and sleep, like most of the time. You have no idea how that just makes me feel like I'm in heaven on earth. So when school reopens, you'd expect how sulky I'd get and how I would dread Monday morning. No more waking up late and having breakfast in front of the tv. No more chilling around.

Only, that didn't exactly happen.

I received a call from school 2 days prior to school day, that I had to go to PPD for three days for the merging of exam data. I pumpfisted to the air and my husband raised an eyebrow for I used to dread going to PPD. I guess I wasn't ready for school at a time when I am still coping with my sickness which seems to come untimely. That scares me. What if I'm in the midst of teaching and I feel like vomitting and I don't make it to the toilet? What if I suddenly feel extremely exhausted that I couldn't even budge from my seat to go to class? And not to mention the frequent visits to the loo because my bladder can't seem to contain any second longer? And you know how tiring school can get.

So the 'trip' out of school was like a warming up for me. There were a couple of times while I was working there that the nausea hit like a wave. Thankfully I managed to ease myself and I think I frequent the loo there more than the permanent workers did in a month combined.

I realise that I got worse when I'm nearing the end of my first trimester. The first 2 months were smooth and I was starting to count my blessing when I vomitted for the first time. It was quite bad. That's how it all started. I vomit everyday now and I gag. And don't even start on my sleep. I rarely sleep well at night too. For some reasons, my nose is blocked the moment my head lands on the pillow. Everytime! I think my husband gets his first training of handling a 'baby' crying in the middle of the night, only this time it's a 'baby tua' he's dealing with. Yes, I cried because I couldn't breathe and I couldn't sleep. Sleep is very important to me, especially now. He had to console me to sleep and normally I'd forget how I did go back to sleep when I woke up the next day. Poor husband. I guess he's just as tired. But after a while, he would just let me be Haha

Apart from that, I'm battling to wake up in the morning. My body just wouldn't move and it aches, especially at the pelvic area as it is now expanding to support my expanding womb. I feel like an old lady, really. I have to move very slowly to avoid the pain. Sitting down for a long time gives the identical effect, too, which is why I sometimes walk around the house to ease the pain.

So, I went to school today. Alhamdulillah, I am starting to get a hang of it. But they said I didn't look too good. Yeah, anybody could tell, I guess. Thankfully my students behaved. They said they missed me, ha!

I guess I've finally got the taste of this sickness which my pregnant friends used to frequently whine. However, mine is just a tinge if compared to others' experience which are far worse. I'm hoping for a better 2nd trimester and a healthier feeling, InsyaAllah. Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to experience all this :)

The Writer

The Writer
I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher by profession. At times a pessimist and one who is easily amused. I find comfort once entering the threshold of my bedroom. I write because I want to and it makes me feel good :)