Of Ninja Turtles and Sofia

When we first had Luqman, I already made it clear to my husband that I am going to throw him his first ever birthday party (which he willingly obliged hehe). I remember feeling all excited and overwhelmed that preparations were done many months prior to the day. After all, I thought, how hard can it be? All you need are balloons and a cake, and everything will be done right? Well, only it wasn't that easy. I realised that we needed to choose a theme and then the decors, activities , food and favors will fit. Suffice to say, it was quite an ordeal for a semangat mom that I was. I was hooked and engrossed. In the end it was all well; the party was a success and I, above anyone else was so relieved. I slept snoring that night haha

Then, Adeena came along and that time around it was my husband who suggested that we throw her her first birthday party, too. It wouldn't be fair not to, was what he told me. And so the preparations began, only it was easier this time around given the experience I've had before when planning for Luqman's. Since we wanted to save ourselves the exhaustion of cleaning up post party, we decided to choose a kids' play area as the venue. Double the fun, zero the stress (but ehem double the expenses). We also decided to make it more intimate an event, inviting only close friends and family members. And at the 11th hour, decided that we celebrate Luqman's 2nd birthday as well haha At the end of the day, the kids and adults enjoyed themselves for sure. We went home boring only gifts and climbed on our beds smiling. No labour work post party.

The third year came and passed by without any parties. We thought we could do with some rest from all the planning and what not. Plus, our budget restrained us from throwing any. So the kids' birthdays were celebrated just among us. Went out for lunch and dinner and had the compulsary candle-blowing moment. Simple, sweet, and memorable all the same.

Then, I started to feel the itch.

It's been awhile since we had any parties. I had started to daydream on themed decors and drooling over cute custom made birthday cakes. Crazy mom, I know. I only needed Luqman to say that he wanted a Ninja Turtle cake for his birthday last year for me to proceed with the idea of throwing him and Adeena a birthday bash hehe My husband was, surprisingly, with me! He's been having similar thoughts, too! This time around it was even easier. The preparation was done only a week before the day. We knew what the kids wanted; Ninja Turtle and Sofia the First. The challenge was when ordering their cakes from selected cake vendors. Alhamdulillah, we secured them! The rest was determined pretty quick, too.

Venue : the luxury of our own home. 
Guests : just family members
Deco : simple DIY and Recycle (haha)
Food : potluck
Favors : Grandma
Photographer : My brother

 Anyway, we (my husband and I) can never be more grateful to our family for helping us out even though it was just a very simple bash. Everyone was so willing and sporting just to make Luqman and Adeena the happiest kids that day. I was the maam for the day for I was not allowed to do much coz of my growing belly. For that, I was more than happy, too!

Some of the pictures on that day :

The first day of 2016 well-spent!


Well, hello there. After my last post, next thing we know it's already the new year. Phew. 

Happy New Year everyone. Hope it's not too late. My new year kickstarted pretty well with my son's birthday celebration (will blog about that soon). School's started for the new year and it has been the most tiring first week. Alhamdulillah syukur, I managed. Sometimes I just don't know how, really. Exhaustion aside, I am so thankful that I seem to have everything under control; managing the household, the kids, keeping up with work. InsyaAllah things will get better as time comes by.


Well, here's the thing. I've stopped making any since a few years ago. So, this year isn't going to be any different. Except, I am really going to try to do what the above picture says. I think all of us should, too. I think it is going to be exhilarating come 31st December this year. 

May this new year bring good luck to all of us and may Allah ease everything  insyaAllah. 

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The Writer
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