not anymore

I'm feeling a lot of things right now.

A whirlwind of emotions.

I keep questioning my rights and the validity of my actions.

I wonder why some people (read : you who causes me heartache) can be so heartless and so egoistic that friendship takes a backseat.

It annoys me that at 26, some people (read : you who causes me heartache) acts ridiculously. High school drama is so yesterday and I thought we're all over it already.

It just baffles me as to why some people (read : you who causes me heartache) are just so self-centered, they think they have to be pleased and attended to all the time, like they're some kind of a Queen.

I am done being the one who always makes the first move, trying to mend things when it should have been you. I thought you would have understood, but apparently you don't seem to get my gesture.

I don't care what happens now because I think our friendship has lost its genuineness. I don't know if your act has served its purpose, but thanks, I am truly affected by your doing - the coldness you've been giving- which you are truly good at. Bravo.

I promise not to let you get in the way because you have caused so much heartache not even a lover could have caused. Not anymore. I thought you're a friend, but apparently you're not even close to being one.

I'm just being me and too bad you can't accept that. Because I have long accepted the fact of who you are and you don't seem to appreciate my tolerance and others for that matter.

So long.

a new member

As of Saturday, I am an aunt. I am now a Mak Su!

Alhamdulillah, my sister-in-law gave birth to a cute baby boy who weighs 3.8kg.

He is named Muhammad Adam Irfan bin Abdul Razak.

Welcome to the world, sweetie pie! Mak Su can't wait to cuddle and kiss you :)

However, we weren't able to meet him yet as he was immediately quarantined after birth due to a suspected lung infection. Poor baby! Only parents are allowed in the NICU, so the above picture is courtesy of my brother-in-law.

Today, we were informed that the report states that his lung is clear of any infection but he still has to stay for further monitoring.

I hope everything will be okay and he gets to go home in a good condition. He's been away from his mum for days now and I know how my sister-in-law longs to cuddle her baby.

Our prayers are with you, Adam!


I'll let the pictures do the talking ok?

@Almeera's cukur jambul, my cousin's daughter.

Chubby Almeera AzZahra

The best kambing golek! Yum!

Well-fed. Great food Kak Fira!
(pictures courtesy of Farouk, my brother)

@Tandoori, for dinner

A pose for the camera before completely being blown away by the scrumptious, exotic North Indian dishes. The best!

Still waiting for the pics from Shaf's wedding. Have a great day people!

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The Writer
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