when you believe

I never quite believe that I can do it, but now, I can say that I trust my own capability and I am quite impressed with how much good I have done to manage my KPA marching team.

Being appointed as the leader for this Uniform Body this year, I constantly worry for I doubt that I can't do as best. In my school, the KPA marching team is considered as the school's elite team for they had been winning gloriously year after year. So when it was put under my management this year, I certainly feel the pressure.

Everything is so new to me. The managing bit, especially. A lot of secretarial work is involved too, and I had to really 'turun padang', sacrificed a lot of my free time to ensure that every single thing (uniforms, accessories, registration, various approvals) is being taken care of. I have to say, it's not an easy task. There were days when I had come to a point when I have had enough. I can't even stand hearing the students giving commands, and the sight of them marching is truly an eyesore. But witnessing how determined each and every student is, how they didnt mind being roasted under the sun (that it's not difficult to differentiate a KPA student than the rest of the population), I am determined myself to provide the best opportunity for them in co-curricular activities which most of the students in my school are good at.

As the competition date is getting nearer, I can say that we have a chance of winning again. I pray everything goes well, and Allah grant me the strength and preseverence to hold on.

one in a million

How coincidental can it be? This picture was taken at the airport. My dad unexpectedly met his match from top to bottom! Comel kan? And the kid being so sporting didn't mind having his picture taken with ayah.Hehe

moving out

It gets really frustrating coming home to an empty house for most of the working days now. I can't blame my mum and my sister really for they had to be out to ensure that everything is under control. They had to shop for house necessities whenever they have time and check on the workers for if they don't, our moving out will be further delayed. And I should really be thankful to the both of them as they are the ones who have been packing and packing that the house now is considered bare.

We were supposed to move into our new house late last year, but due to acceptable circumstances and CF issues, we are still here. Being one who has never moved houses before, this whole packing and moving thing is still new to me. I still can't get over the fact that a lot of work is involved. Now I really regret having so much personal stuff. If going through each and every single item is already not torturous enough, now I have to decide if they should stay or go. It is such a difficult situation, really. Hurmm... And I can't believe I still have things from 3 years back! Menyemak sungguh!

I wish I could help out more but given that I come home almost 5 pm everyday and considering how jellied I'd be at that time, I normally save it for the weekends. But come weekends, we will be busy with some other things that packing is forgotten. There are just so many more things to pack. Rasa nak chuck everything out just to see my room cleared up.

I guess the most fun part of moving out is shopping for my bedroom furnitures. Masa ni lah baru nak rasa IKEA best sangat sebab ada pelbagai options and rasa full sikit sebab this time around pergi IKEA bukan sebab nak makan spaghetti meatballs semata but to actually shop for furnitures haha It's even more meaningful sbb tu kira shopping sekali for perabot kahwin yang Rizal serahkan sepenuh kepercayaan kepada saya sebab he trusts my taste. Actually he's saving himself from the nagging, I know.

I can't wait for the school holidays because I can get so many things done--mainly packing. So my main aim is to finish marking the test papers this week juga so that the holidays will be freed from any school-related stuff yang memeningkan.

a time for a miracle

My heart is not at ease. So many things happened of late which impacted me in the most negative way. My worries increase and I am thinking too much which is not good for me. I am lucky that I have not shed any tears in which I am trying not to in any case.

But I know they happened for a reason and the least that I can do is just pray for the best. Because I know there will be a time for a miracle. And that the school holidays might be the start of it.

The Writer

The Writer
I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher by profession. At times a pessimist and one who is easily amused. I find comfort once entering the threshold of my bedroom. I write because I want to and it makes me feel good :)