The last few months of last year were filled with meaningful personal events. They were definitely moments to remember and which made 2014 an eventful year.

(This is not really chronologically arranged, fyi)


In October, it was my birthday. I turned 29 on the 4th and what great way to celebrate it other than with my loved ones, as always. It was nothing fancy, just a small gathering over lunch at FiqsGastronomy in Subang Jaya (a must try, people!). I loved the place, the ambience, the food. I remember feeling overwhelmed with so much love on that day that nothing else mattered; not even when my kids decided to be cranky and all testing. I was a happy lady :)

It was also a double celebration; an early one for my brother who was back for the weekend. At the end of the day, we're all high on endless laughters, happiness and that out-of-this-world Red Velvet Cake!

 Then, it was Luqman's school concert - one event that I had been eagerly waiting for (overly excited mum, as usual). Since he's in the Playgroup class, his performance was a fashion show on Jobs and Occupations. He had to be a Fireman. We went high and low looking for his costume and managed to get one pretty much in the last minute. 

Anyway, despite the fact that Luqman actually cried on stage (out of fear or overwhelm or maybe both) on that auspicious day and most of his pictures captured looked as if he's better off somewhere (haha), we were swelled with pride! We're elevated! I actually had tears in my eyes (emo mum, expected). To see our firstborn on stage for the first time was just heartwarming.

 During his performance

 One for the album!

November hosted a few meaningful events, too. 

First, it was our dearest friend and homie's lovely day, Farhana's wedding. I can never begin to express how happy I am for her. It was such a beautiful union and reception and a gathering of loved ones, no doubt. 

Farhana, may your marriage lasts until Jannah and you deserve the happiness :)

 All of us, the usual suspects (two not in the picture) in our another themed colour outfits - something we like to do in most occasions, really hehe

Another delightful news in this month was that my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl, her second born. It was a long wait finally over, given her unfit condition and a few false labours in between. Alhamdulillah, Nur Khadeejah is definitely a heavenly gift from Allah. We couldn't be happier with another addition to the family. 

One-day young Khadeejah with her excited mum and aunties :)

Last November also marked our 4th marriage anniversary. We just went out for dinner with the kids and that's as far as how the day was celebrated.  I am just so thankful that we have made it this far. Looking back, it is just surreal that we're in an amazing journey together, sharing the highs and the lows. Not forgetting those fiery moments which mostly stirred by yours truly (ehem!) and handled very professionally (so to speak) by the hubby. 

Thank you for everything. And yes, I'd definitely be lost without you. 

4 years ago, on our honeymoon :)

Us, today.

This next event is probably the highlight of the year for our family. My sister's engagement was something that we have foreseen and anticipated, but not sooner than expected! I remember all of us were palpitating (so to speak) and my mum almost went frantic when the other family decided to immediate the event. With the time spared, preparation was made (and we pulled it off satisfactorily, if I may add) and the day couldn't get any lovelier.

Can't believe my baby sister is tying the knot soon *lump in throat*

Hats off to my mum, who did 85% of the prep single-handedly (so cekap, I know!) and almost everyone loved everything about the ceremony. 

December came and it was Luqman's 3rd birthday. 

We went for an outing; a day planned with so much fun for the celebrated boy. We brought him and his sister to KizSports and Gym at Main Place Mall, Subang for a few hours of fun and physical excitement of running around the place without confinement, cruising down the slides countless of times, and pretty much having the time of their lives. We couldn't keep up with his amazing level of energy so we just let him run free as the playland is relatively safe. It is mainly padded and netted all around. Suffice to say, Luqman was ecstatic! 

Then, we had our lunch at Wondermilk, Citta Mall. That's when another surprise awaited him. Little did he know that his grandparents would be there, and his Maksu and Uncle Nain, too, boring gifts that later made him the happiest boy on earth. Wished Uncle Farouk was there but he wasn't back for the weekend, sadly.

Happy 3rd Birthday Luqman! (though technically you're supposed to be four haha). Our prayers are always with you. We love you so much you have no idea!


So there. Some of the highlights shared.

Looking forward for more eventful ones this year, with a major occasion's a definite. Yerp, it's my sister's wedding, which we're practically running around now getting things done. 

Back again

Assalamualaikum wbt.


Wow. It's been ages, isn't it? 

Coming back to this abode is definitely emotional. It's almost unforgiving how it had been abandoned for a time too long when it had been an escapade for me for all those times before. 

I miss you. Yes, you, whoever you are. I miss this space, more than anything. And I miss writing, pouring my heart's content on just about anything worth sharing.

It's another new year. And I am up at this oddly hour with a sudden urge to type something. Writer's itch? Hehe

It's already the second month of the year. So many things have happened. The ride has been quite fun and smooth so far with a few bumps and jerks along the way. We've been happy and okay except that we're probably starting on the wrong foot where health is concerned. It's a test from the Almighty. A test of patience and belief. InsyaAllah, with heavy rain comes the beautiful rainbow. 

I think this would suffice for a 'comeback entry'. 

I can't wait to frequent here and share this year's journey with you. 

It's a promise I will try to keep, insyaAllah.

May everything be eased. Stay safe and happy everyone.

The Writer

The Writer
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