7 months

"Hurmm, what's it going to be, the Ipad or my Bumbo seat?"

"I guess I'll give the Ipad a rest"

"Oh boy, why is it so difficult to pull it nearer??"

"Yes! Got it! Ummi must be proud"

"But it's upside down!!"

"Ummi, help me!!!" *cries*

7 months of remarkable developments and I am anticipating for more.

Time sure flies, huh?

Wordless wednesday

what to do if your baby falls

I always hear of stories baby falling off the bed and wonder how can any parent let that happened in the very first place. Now that I am a parent myself, I say no parent is perfect that mistakes are never made.

To date, Luqman has fallen out of the bed on more than one occasion. Three times, to be exact (and hopefully no more!)Yes, that is more than enough to make us feel like we're the worst parents ever and I can never explain how upset I was (and still am whenever I think about it). Truthfully, I never would expect we would be among those whose child rolls off the bed despite strict supervision.

I still remember the first time my husband told me of Luqman's fall once I arrived home after a camp at school. I broke down into tears almost immediately thinking of what he looked like when he fell, the 'thump" sound and the pain! *sobs* We rushed to the clinic just to be safe though Luqman seemed to look fine.

The second time I managed to cushion him with my hands upon landing and the third time he landed on his back just when we thought he was really asleep. I guess babies never really 'sleep' in their movements. In case you're wondering, no, Luqman doesn't sleep on the bed with us (he has his cot), but these unfortunate events occured on days when we thought putting him on the bed for a while will not cause any harm.

Then I start not to be too beat up and console myself that accidents do happen even if you eye your child like an eagle. And this is something that every parent goes through as part of learning to live with a child. Lesson learned : Luqman either hangs out on lower surfaces or off he goes in his cot. Three times is a curse! No more!


Anyway, I'd like to share what to do if your babies fall off the bed. These are what I gathered from my readings and what the doctor told us.

1. First and foremost, relax. I know, it seems ridiculous (I was screaming and crying when it happened. I mean who wouldn't??), but that's what you have to do. Stay calm and don't panic. This will help your child calm down, too, so you can better assess your child's condition.

2. Check your child's limbs, head and body for any bumps or bruises, swelling or redness. Undress your child while doing so. If there aren't any on the head or body, there is probably no insignificant injury.
Info : babies' skulls are so flexible that they absorb falls better that adults . Theirs' aren't fused so if there is any swelling it doesn't press up against the skull like adults.

3. Watch out for any vomiting, diarrhea, unusual or extreme behaviour changes (i.e inconsolable crying for hours) and eating changes for 3 weeks. If any of the above occurs in the next 3 days following the fall, go to the hospital right away.

From what I gathered, most falls are not serious even if it's a 1-2 feet high fall onto a hard floor. Kids are very resilient and that most falls seem worse that they really are. However, if your child falls from a high place such as highchair or a counter top onto a hard floor and you know he/she hits head first, you should probably rush to an ER.

Anyway, it is such a great relief knowing that we are not alone in this and that it happens. Most of our friends and families also told us of the stories of their babies falling and alhamdulillah that our babies are fine.

Ummi and ayah are sorry little boy!

Birthday @Citta

Last Saturday, we went out for my husband's birthday eve dinner. He requested to dine at Bubba Gump (it's been awhile) so we decided to try the one at Citta Mall - our current favourite hangout place :)

I let him ordered what he wished :)

While waiting for our food, Luqman was given a balloon which he lost interest in fast!

He couldn't sit still most of the time. Active little boy, he is!

The only time when Luqman can sit still

Anyway, these were what we ordered. Alhamdulillah! But let's just say we had enough of shrimp already ;)

Happy Birthday, love! Hope you had a great day this year though there weren't any surprises whatsoever. I'm glad that your special day was celebrated with us and wishing for more celebrations together. May you be granted a prosperous life herein and hereafter, amin!

Anyway, I'd like to share with you Citta Mall's Parents Room, which I think is the best among those that I have been to! It is so lovely, nicely decorated and very spacious.

The entrance

The mural

Upon entering

This wall rack is filled with jar food, packets and boxes of coffee and tea, fruit cordial, and marmalade. I'm not even sure why they're put there but one thing's for sure, there weren't any tags on them so I assume they're free (?). I didn't take any, though.

3 very spacious nursing rooms (I forgot to snap the inside)

Cute, isn't it?

Someone just poopoo-ed ;)

And the mall has this room at every floor! Very convenient :)

In case you're wondering, Citta Mall is at Ara Damansara, on the way to the Subang Airport. It is an open-air, family-oriented mall, which is uniquely shaped like a horseshoe. So cool!

Click here for a better review and pictures of the mall.


Alhamdulillah! Syukur!

Rezeki yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Only 4 years in the service and I still can't believe I've been given such recognition. Alhamdulillah!!

Lifts my spirit.

"You deserve it"

Words that I will carry in my heart and keep on playing in my head.

Thank you Allah! :)


Alhamdulillah, I have registered myself for this wonderful webcast program by Celebrate Mercy.

Didn't get to do so the last time, so I grabbed the chance as soon as I was informed of it this time around.

I am just so excited to be part of a program where there will be great speakers speaking of our beloved Prophet SAW in conjunction with Ramadhan.

Come, let us all join this and benefit from it insyaAllah!

"Convey this message, even if but one sentence."

- The Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]

The Writer

The Writer
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