5 months

My boy turned 5 months on Monday.

Went for his monthly check-up yesterday.

As usual, a meeting with Dr Koshy is always fun. He started his usual procedure before jabbing Luqman with the routine immunization.

This time around, Luqman was a little anxious with Dr Koshy. This I realise especially when he's around unfamiliar faces. He let out cries even before he was brought to the bed and started crying once being laid. Needless to say, the cry was so heart-wrenching once being jabbed *tsk*

All in all, Luqman is growing well. He now weighs 7.2kg and he has grown in length too. His growth is pertinent to the weight-per-age percentiles.

Just to share his milestones/development :

*Noticeably more active and alert
*Reaches out and grasps things entirely on his own initiative
*Babbles more and more; experimenting with all sorts of noises
*Sleeps through the night by now and is awake at sunrise - eager to start the day!
*Loves to be lifted to a standing position
*Rolls over ALL the time!
*Loves lying on his tummy with arms and legs waving like he is swimming
*Able to raise himself onto his forearms and lifts his chest a little longer
*Loves mouthing an object
*Find delights in mirror play; smiling at his own reflection (I wonder if he knows that is him he sees in the mirror)
*Loves the old favourite - peekabo and tummy tickle
*Seems to inch bit by bit backwards!

I am just so thankful and blessed to be able to witness these competencies. It is such a fast-paced marathon of development, but knowing that he is actively involved with his surroundings just gives me that gratification that can't be explained.

Anticipating more major milestones! We love you so much little boy!

a facelift

Remember I wrote about my school's Language Lab before?

It is now upgraded to Bilik MBMMBI and it experienced a wonderful facelift! I am so excited about this room that I want to share it with you.

All the four subject panels; Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics and Science, worked together to upgrade this room - all of which were done while I was on maternity leave. All air conditions were fixed, walls were painted, and every nook and corner was filled with wordings, pictures and useful teaching materials for each subject.

Let the pictures do the talking :

The Science Kiosk

My students enjoying scrabble on their last day of schooling

Teaching materials and board games

I love how the room has a very laid back feel to it - no tables and chairs and there are a few kiosks or small stations where students can do group activities together. Plus, it is very spacious so I don't have to worry about space when doing groupwork which requires my students to move around. As the room is not situated at the main academic block, it is a perfect place for me and the students to go to for a new teaching and learning experience.

I brought my Form 1 students to this room during the examination week to carry out their PBS. As my Form 1 students are 42 altogether in a class, this room definitely caters to the big crowd (and the noise they make).

I really really hope this room will not be vandalized and stays for long because it is such a perfect teaching and learning environment and the kids love it!

A Day to Remember

Last Saturday was my brother's Graduating Ceremony. Wouldn't miss it for the world so right after my morning slot at my school's Perkhemahan Perdana Unit Uniform, I rushed home, got ready as fast as I could, and off we sped to the venue to meet my family who were already there. It was held at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa-bahasa Antrabangsa, formerly known as Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA). It was also where I did my Degree (Twinning Program).

We reached just in time for the certificate awarding ceremony. We were seated in the auditorium as only parents were allowed in the main hall.

We received live feed from this projector which didn't really do us justice as the screen was yellow most of the time and it went off many times. Luckily it got fixed quickly and it was smooth towards the end.

Then, came the time that we all have been waiting for - his valedictorian speech!

It was indeed a terrific speech. I am not saying this because he is my brother, but really, he delivered it in such a way that it gave me goosebumps; I am sure others too. Even Pamela Coutts, the Associate Professor in Education at Macquarie University came to me and said how terrific his speech was. If that didn't move you, I don't know what is. It was an emotional moment as well, seeing him on stage, with such confidence and pride. Like many others, I (obviously) shed some tears. When he ended, the hall applauded joyously.

Farouk has always been a high achiever. He left his legacy in his previous school. So, it's no surprise that he continued to soar with excellence in his undergraduate studies. On that day too, together with his other five friends, he received two awards; the Best Student Award and Top Scholar Award throughout his 6 years of studying.

He made us all very proud, especially my parents.

They were even featured in the newspaper !

Below are other pictures during this joyous and memorable day :

Had a chat with Pamela Coutts who then was busy cooing Luqman :)

While waiting for Farouk outside the hall

Madam Zamrudah aka Nana Z came over and held Luqman :)

Four of us

One for the album :)

Congratulations Farouk for successfully completing your 6-year Degree program and being admitted the degree of Bachelor of Education with First Class Hons.!

this time again

It's that time of the year again when courage is much needed; perseverance is a must and patience is prayed for.

It's the time when red pens are the friend.








I am almost done with the first script - both Paper 1 and 2. Hopefully I can get this tedious job settled by Friday as I wish for a marking-free holiday.

All the best to me!

something exciting

Ever since we knew that a mall is going to be built at Setia Alam, like other (future) residents, we were so psyched. After almost a year, it is finally ready and it opened last Thursday.

We went there on Friday night. As expected, it was full with people who were as eager as we were. The mall isn't that huge but okay. Bigger than Empire and I love all the retail outlets and eateries there!

For starters, there's Mothercare! And Cotton On Kids. So you can imagine how excited I am. I remember shrieking when my husband told me that over the phone :) Then there's Parkson, Uniqlo, Zara, MNG, Typo and others which will definitely make one hyperventilates hehe As for eateries, quite everyone's favourite;Tony Romas, TGI, Carl's Jr.,Full House, Secret Recipe, Seoul Garden and many more.

To us, this is such a great thing since we now don't have to travel far to eat or shop at our favourite place. What's even cool is that, this mall is located just a 5-minute drive from our (future) home. I can foresee it as our 'playground'!

That night, we had dinner at Pappa Rich.

Didn't get to walk around much as it was getting late and most shops were closing. So we decided to come again the next day to accomplish our main mission: shop at Uniqlo!

Uniqlo is having a four-day opening sale whereby most of the items are discounted. We didn't want to miss out on this so we shopped like nobody's business despite the hotness (the aircondition system was being repaired that day, so the whole mall was like an oven).

Luqman was behaving really nice with his occasional gurgles and babbles :)
We left the store just about time before we spent more.

Then, we headed to Delicious for lunch.

It was scorching hot there! (The aircond was still being fixed). My face was oily and sweaty but who cares, I was starving! Haha Luqman was cranky and he refused to drink under such uncomfortable condition so we went to the Baby's Room. Not much better but it was quieter and cooler. Poor baby, he was sweating really bad and I was worried because his skin was beginning to get red and itchy. But he was fine.

After a speedy lunch, we decided to go home but not after visiting our future abode :)

It's just a matter of time now and we really can't wait to start anew here!

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Last weekend, after many contemplations, we decided to brave through the Mom and Baby Expo which was held at Mid Valley Convention Centre.

I am very proud of our timing because we managed to leave on time and alhamdulillah secured a parking once we reached.

As expected, the place was like a sea of people and I began to get a panic attack of some kind. That's how packed the place was. Alhamdulillah, Luqman behaved really really good and he even fell asleep by himself, which made the search for things a breeze.

The last time we went there was last year.

Anyway, I personally think the expo was better this time. There were even more booths that offered variety of baby essentials which were irresistable. I had to restrain myself from simply grabbing things from the shelves. A look from my husband reminded me that we don't need the 'wants'.

As hard as it was to simply walk pass the booths, I did just that and got myself just the ones that I truly needed (milk plastic storage, nursing bras) and some for Luqman (sleeping suits, stroller padding, food cube, a few clothes).

All in all, I am happy with what I bought. I am now in love with the Jinggle Jungle milk storage. I used to buy the ones from Autumnz, but after using JJ, I think I am going to stick to that from now on. It is more sleek, compact and I like the texture :)

Then, we had lunch at Chilli's.

That's when Luqman decided to be cranky hehe

Right after that, we left for DEMC as Luqman's skin has developed some kind of dry blotches. It has been a few days. We got worried so we decided to get him checked.

The service that day was unsatisfactory as we had to wait for an hour for our turn. Luqman became cranky as he was obviously tired from a day's outing. I was beginning to get grumpy, too.

Anyway, my instinct was right. The doctor said that Luqman is suffering (well, SUFFERING is too strong a word. He is not exactly badly affected. Experience maybe?) mild eczema. Poor baby. As it turns out, he has sensitive skin. He cannot be in a hot condition or his skin will be all red and those blotches will appear.

I realised that once he stopped using Cetaphil, his skin develops these. I guess we have to continue using medicated baby bath and lotion after this. Thanks to you Paan, I now have all kinds based on what you suggested. Prevention is better than cure, right? We hope his skin will get better and we can't wait to hear what our paed has to say during Luqman's next check up.

My Ah Luke hehe

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