not as pleasing

I was late by 3 days. And I finally got my monthly visit in the wee hours of the morning. Phewww..

But, relief is short-lived as pain took over. And this has got to be the worst cramp ever. So being in school today wasn't as pleasing as always. Thank God for the AADK talk which took 2 periods of my English class--I got to rest. If it's not for my bulging conscience, I would have snored throughout for sure. That guy seriously needs to get himself a copy of Dummies for presenters.

And I skipped the Weekly Dialogue for the first time. Wee-hoo! I feel so cool. Ha!

Reason? Kecemasan.

Oh Yeah. My cramp is kecemasan, alright. Plus, I didn't have an extra pad with me. So, if anything happens, .... well, let's just say that I saved myself from all the drama and embarrassment. Just how exactly am I going to put that down in a more formal and acceptable manner, is still being considered hard. I'm talking about the surat tunjuk sebab, if you're wondering.


I'm still torn, by the way. Why do great events just have to be held on the same day? Coincidency happens a lot to me lately. Is this some kind of a test? Because if it is, well, I now know who I really am--that Tasha lets her priority aside and give way to her feelings.

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The Writer
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