The school is, without a doubt, a treacherous place.

A teacher's job is supposed to be crude.

Back then, if I were to answer, "What does a teacher do?", I would be able to reply even without thinking. That my answer would be, "A teacher imparts knowledge and teach the students". Followed by all other cliched responses one is sooo used to hearing.

Now, if I am asked a similar question, this is what my answer would be like :

"A teacher joins the assembly every single morning, take the students' attendance and rush to the office to return the attendance book on time. A teacher steps into the class every single day, making sure that all students are in class, count them numerous times just to make sure the number is right because you are made accountable. A teacher spends the first 15 minutes trying extremely hard to calm the monkeys in class, making sure everyone is seated, have their books, and finds that only 15 minutes are left for tnl before the bell rings. A teacher attends numerous meetings and is forced to leave the classes. A teacher has to write many paperworks and shoulder clerical jobs that marking students' books are done, say, once in a blue moon? A teacher holds many special posts that with each, comes tedious work and responsibilities. A teacher chases students who skip classes and search every nook and corners for students who smoke. In short, a teacher does everything, but teach"

I should have known.

The realization hits me hard that I am now terminal.

I just want to do what I was trained to do. I want to be a teacher. Not a clerk.

I should have known.

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sd. May 13, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

i did the stuff you wrote there. im just very (very) lucky that i don't have to deal with monkeys anymore. what's waiting in class are all eager faces to learn. and when we teach something that they didn't know, they will do the sound of "oowh...". with the inkling eyes.

how can i hate teaching?

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