Wordless Wednesday

Short getaway

Last weekend my little family and I went for a quick weekend getaway at Marriott Hotel and Spa Putrajaya.

It was actually a free gift voucher I received as the main prize for my school's hi-tea lucky draw session. Alhamdulillah, it was my luck. So off we went and stayed there for the weekend. The voucher entitled us to a 2 day 1 night stay inclusive of breakfast for two.


It was just a short stay but it was definitely a looked forward escapade for us to just relax and of course to let Luqman have fun in the pool!

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Clearly Luqman did not like being in the float still and as it turned out he loves the tub more than the pool haha

The breakfast was scrumptious and I love the array of food provided. No pictures though. 

Managed to catch up with a good friend, Fatin in Alamanda. And also visited another dear friend, Durra who had just given birth. Another one joining the bandwagon of motherhood alhamdulillah :)

Looking forward to upcoming getaways!

Trial Week

The past five working days were totally exhausting (to me, at least). We've started sending Luqman to his Wan's house every morning now. The trial week so far was okay, despite the fact that our daily routine now changes 360 degrees and my day starts as early as 4 am.

Alhamdulillah, Luqman seems okay now with his Wan and my MIL, after the first day itself, seems to get a hang of everything. My only concern is that Luqman refuses to drink his milk when being fed by his Wan. The first 3 days saw a waste of EBM as they had to be discarded everytime MIL warmed each bottle only to be rejected by Luqman. The frustration was unbearable, honestly. Luckily, the past days I was invigilating PMR at a school nearby my MIL's house so I managed to go back home during breaks and breastfeed him and at times, put him to sleep, too.

I am now consoled, knowing that Luqman will be in good hands. I mean, yes, there's nothing to worry about since it's his own Wan taking care of him but you know how a mother's feelings are, kan? I will not lie that I had my reservations before. I was thinking a lot of things like will Luqman cry once he realises it's not his Nanny that's taking care of him; or will he throw tantrums (oh yes, he's an expert in that!) when he feels uncomfortable with his new routine in the unfamiliar arms; what if he refuses to eat; and etc

But, Luqman surprises me I almost cried. He was okay when his Wan bathed him, he was his usual self when he had his meals and he actually managed to sleep when his Wan dodoi kan him (which is quite a struggle on Wan's side since he refuses to drink his milk). Alhamdulillah, syukur! I applaud my MIL for being strong and persistent to make everything alright. Taking care of a baby is not an easy task especially at her age, but alhamdulillah, everything's eased.

And, to make everything even better, my sister will start her break next week, which means she will be at my MIL's house to help her out. Alhamdulillah, I can never be grateful. Indeed, it's perfect how Allah has planned everything nicely.

And I am just relieved that I won't be the one to drop Luqman off at his Wan's every day. I know I would cry a bucket even if it's passed 20 days :)


Swimming experience

Luqman had his first swimming experience during the last Raya. He was about 8 months at that time. No professional was hired, it was just us being his coaches ;)

I initially wanted to let him swim earlier but you know lah, my mum, "He is still so small, cannottttt" not knowing that it is perfectly okay for babies as early as a few weeks to swim. They have what is called the swimming and diving reflex. But it's okay, we adhered and decided to wait till he was at least 7 months.

So when we went for a raya holiday in Malacca, we decided to give Luqman a taste of the pool.

He hated the arm floats

He was okay in water but we dared not let him go underwater yet.

It was Luqman's dad I was quite worried for hehe

We're thinking that we should have gotten the round waist float instead because the bulky arms sort of limited his movements. Will get them later for his next swimming session.

Looking forward to more swimming sessions ya, little boy?

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The Writer
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